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Search Engine Optimization Course (valid 1 month) $15

Topics include:
– Difference between Google and Bing search engines.
– Three categories of search queries.
– Website’s snippet positioning.
– Define the function of a sitelink.
– Operators to filter advanced search results.

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SEO search factors—the elements that contribute to how and where your site is displayed on the Google results page—impact how your content makes its way to your audience.

In this course, pulls back the curtain on the modern search engine, walking through the goals and intent of searching, how people search, and how search results pull up the relevant results and rank content. Along the way, points out how to capture Google featured snippets and reveals how results and programmatic site features work. Also delves into methodologies for mining results from Google to unlock new ideas and opportunities.

Topics include:
Evaluate the difference between Google and Bing search engines.
Recognize the characteristics of three categories of search queries.
Explain what kinds of content would improve a website’s snippet positioning.
Define the function of a sitelink.
Describe how to use operators to filter advanced search results.


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